e residency company

Estonia e residency company

Non-residents of Estonia have the right to start a estonia e residency company in one of the following forms:

  • Private company with limited liability – s (analogue of Russian LLCs);
  • Private and open joint-stock company – and AS;
  • Partnerships in different forms – TU, UU;
  • Individual entrepreneurship – FIE.

The first form is most in demand among non-residents. It is especially convenient for medium-sized businesses, corporate structures (along with joint-stock companies). OÜs can be founded by one owner, and he can also join the board – the presence of Estonian residents is not required. The company requires from 2.5 thousand euros of authorized capital. They can be deposited in cash into an account opened before registration documents were issued, transferred as property, or transferred when submitting an application electronically.

It is not necessary to pay capital when setting up a business, but it will need to be done before dividend distribution.

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