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  26.07.18 - Antenna LOT-AOF868-001
Dear Clients

 Frequency 868 MHz (ISM range) is increasingly used to build communication systems FSK or LoRA standards.
 This is due to its license-free operation provided that the power is not exceeded in 13dBm or 25 milliwatts.
 However, for stable operation at large distances, good antennas are required.
 And our company offers you to consider the application of the antenna - LOT-AOF868-001
 This is 868MHz outdoor antenna, narrowband, 12dBi, with N connector, the dimensions of 1200x20mm, can be used for both base stations and terminal devices, if necessary, to provide a stable connection.
 High amplification, high-quality performance, the presence of a set of fasteners Ц these are reasons for choosing LOT-AOF868-001

 For more information, please contact our specialists.

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