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  06.02.18 - Samples of the new microcontroller Nuvoton - M4TKLE6AE
Dear Clients!

 Samples of the new 32-bit microcontroller Nuvoton - M4TKLE6AE are available to order. Core ARM Cortex-M4F DSP with hardware division unit.
 The clock speed is 72MHz, the amount of FLASH-memory is 128 KB, the RAM is 32 KB.

The distinctive features of this microcontroller are:
   independent processing of up to 6 capacitive touch-keys;
   Up to 10 PWM channels with a resolution of 144 MHz;
   The presence of interfaces UART, SPI, I?C, CAN, LIN, USB OTG, I?S
   2 analog comparators, 8 channels of 12-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC;
   Built-in RTC real time clock with external battery power:
   two internal RC oscillators: - 22.1184 MHz and 10 kHz;
   industrial temperature range (from -40 to 105?);
   Power supply microcontroller from 2.5 to 5.5 V;
   High level of noise immunity (8KV ESD, 4KV EFT);
   The microcontroller is made in the LQFP48 package (7x7mm).

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