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  23.01.18 - Notification device easyGSM v5.16 (Communicator)
Dear customers!

 We are glad to introduce you the brand new notification device easyGSM v5.16 (Communicator). EasyGSM communicator is a universal device which is intended for protection of small/middle objects with transfer of the information to mobile phones of users via sound (call) and/or text (SMS).

 Review of functions
  -Programming without a computer.
  -Possibility to program using SMS.
  - Automatical recording of programming template.
  - Error indication while programming and working.
  - Cellular network signal strength indication.
  - 4 potential inputs.
  - 1 virtual input for arming/disarming.
  - 2 "open collector" type outputs, each of them can work in one of five modes.
  - Possibility to use as a security central.
  - Call programming to four user phone numbers with sound notification about an alarm on all inputs.
  - Programmed text SMS to four user phone numbers about changes in the state of 5 inputs.
  - Unification of events that are in the buffer for transmission to user, in one SMS message.
  - Unification of events that are in the buffer for transmission to user, in one call.
  - Automated and on request account balance check. Possibility to disable the balance check.
  - Real-time clock.
  - Possibility of remote arming/disarming and output management.
  - Programmable life pulse transmit time.
  - User notification of power off by transmitting a text SMS message in 15 minutes after power was restored.
  - User notification of supply voltage drop (two thresholds).
  - Android application for convenient programming

 For purchasing, additional information or any questions please contact our managers. External view of the device is shown on image 1 (device without antenna) and image 2 (device and antenna)

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