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  27.09.17 - Samples of powerful polarized relays HFE19-90 / 12DT12
Dear customers of Vis-Plus!

 There are samples of powerful polarized relays HFE19-90/12DT12 on our warehouse, capable of commuting amperage up to 90 amperes.

Brief technical specs:
  Contacts - one normally closed, 90A, 250VAC
  Coil/rell Ц one, controlled with polarity reversal method 12 VDC, 0.125A
  Dimensions - 38x30x16.5 mm (without pinouts)

 The relay will be interesting for use in various emergency shutdown devices, network voltage monitoring, power metering devices and remote control.
 Due to the impulsive nature of the control, the coil is not constantly energized, which makes it possible to control the energy consumption and exclude its heating.

 The number of samples is limited, please contact our specialists for more information.
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