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  17.05.15 - Extended range of large quantities of quartz resonators and oscillators!
Dear "VIS PLUS" Customers!

We would like to remind you that our warehouse is constantly expanding the range of products and at the moment there are a large number of quality quartz resonators and oscillators!
All supplied resonators and oscillators are designed for a temperature range from Ц 40 C* to + 85 C*.

HC-49S and HC-49SMD Quartz in low-profile cases.
SJK 3,579545MHz HC-49S
SJK 4,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 6,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 8,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 10,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 12,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 16,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 20,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 24,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 25,000MHz HC-49S
SJK 3,579545MHz HC-49SMD
SJK 4,000MHz HC-49SMD
SJK 8,000MHz HC-49SMD
SJK 10,000MHz HC-49SMD
SJK 12,000MHz HC-49SMD
SJK 16,000MHz HC-49SMD
SJK 25,000MHz HC-49SMD

RTC Quartz
SJK 32,768kHz 6K6
SJK 32,768kHz 6LC:308C
SJK 32,768kHz 7L

Ceramic SMD Quartz 6x3.5mm
SJK 8,000MHz 7G
SJK 10,000MHz 7G
SJK 12,000MHz 7G
SJK 20,000MHz 7G
SJK 25,000MHz 7G

Ceramic SMD Quartz 5x3.2mm
SJK 8,000MHz 7I
SJK 10,000MHz 7I
SJK 12,000MHz 7I
SJK 15,360MHz 7I
SJK 20,000MHz 7I
SJK 25,000MHz 7I

Ceramic SMD Quartz 3.2x2.5mm
SJK 12,000MHz 7U
SJK 20,000MHz 7U
SJK 25,000MHz 7U

Quartz oscillators. Power is 3.3 V, output CMOS
SJK 4,000MHz 6NC2
SJK 16,000MHz 6NC2
SJK 20,000MHz 6NC2
SJK 25,000MHz 6NC2
SJK 50,000MHz 6NC2
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