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  16.12.15 - Miniature chip antennas Unictron
We are glad to inform you about availability of ceramic chip antennas samples in stock of Vis Plus.
There are GSM, 3G, GPS/GLONASS, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth- antennas which are intended for printed circuit board assembling.

Excellent ratio of dimensions, gain and cost make these antennas the best solution for designing portable devices.

AA088 - GPS ceramic chip antenna 3.2x1.6x0.5mm, 1575.42MHz, 3.2 dBi

These antennas are recommended for applying with GPS SIMCom modules - SIM28, SIM28M, SIM28ML.

AA029 - WiFi/Bluetooth ceramic chip antenna 5.0x2.2x1.6mm, 2400-2500MHz, 3.4 dBi

These antennas are recommended for applying BT in SIMCom GSM-modules SIM800x series or BT4.0 with RN4020-module.

AA880 - GSM/3G ceramic chip antenna, 27x8x3.2mm, 824-960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz, 3.0 dBi

These antennas are recommended for applying with SIMCom WCDMA/GSM-modules 52xx, 53xx series.

AA622 - GPS/GLONASS ceramic chip antenna 9x9x4mm, 1575.42 MHz & 1598 - 1606 MHz.

These antennas are recommended for apllying with GPS/GLONASS SIMCOM modules: SIM68x, SIM28x-series.

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