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  19.11.15 - Meetings and seminars with VIS PLUS clients and potential customers
    Dear customers!

    The new 2016 year is coming soon. As usual, our company organizes meetings and mini-seminars with customers. We present new products and discuss all the most important questions .
    Also it helps us to understand your requirements for the new year and be in a contact with you more closely.

    We would like to make an appointment and visit your company since 1st to 10th of December. Please, let us know which date is suitable for you.

    Besides all, 2016 year has a very big event. Producing SIMCOM modules of SIM900x series will come to the end in the next year.
There will be scheduled, gradual ending production of previous series and replacing it with the more modern ones.

    For customers who make plans to use 2G modules and don’t consider transfer to HSDPA or LTE we can suggest 2 variants for updating your devices.

    First option is minimum costs.
    Using SIM800F module and mounting it instead of SIM900/SIM900R. You don’t need to update a program in 98 % of cases.

    You can check it via documents presented below:

    Second option is minimization of the product’s dimensions.
    You can use module SIM800C and reduce the size of your device.

    Depending on option you are going to choose our specialists will be glad to help you.
Hence, we would like to visit your company and advice how to change one series to another, avoid all problems you might face and answer all your questions.

    We hope to receive reply with suitable dates of meetings from your company.
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