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  08.06.18 - Company VIS PLUS is the official distributor of Ariose Electronics from now

Ariose Electronics Co., Ltd is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of electronic acoustic products, providing buzzer, speaker, microphone, piezoelectric ceramic elements and so on.
 From now, we are the official distributor of Ariose Electronics and are pleased to present you the full range of products.

  06.06.18 - Transformers TRA6127ANL
 Flyback transformers TRA6127ANL are ready for the order

 Main purpose: DC / DC converters for POE or telecommunications.
 Input voltage: 36-72 volts, operating frequency 250 kHz
 Power 30 watts: (5 volts 6 amps)
 Design: SMT, dimensions 30 x 21 x 11.5 mm
 Recommended chip: TPS23754 or similar to it.

  10.05.18 - LCD indicator BSG3701-01
 We would like to offer you character LCD display with ultra-low power consumption BSG3701-01


  10.04.18 - Graphic indicator with built-in backlight BGG128128-05A
 We want to offer you an affordable graphic indicator with built-in illumination BGG128128-05A.


  04.04.18 - LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0
 Now it is possible to order LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0, a full analog of the indicator RC2004C-YHY-CSX, with increased brightness of the backlight.


  26.02.18 - Nuvoton Product Catalog
 Nuvoton Technology Corporation, updated its product catalog for 2018

 The catalog can be downloaded from the link:

  07.02.18 - Graphic indicator RDT06569-IE
 We would like offer you an inexpensive graphic indicator with built-in illumination RDT06569-IE.


  06.02.18 - Samples of the new microcontroller Nuvoton - M4TKLE6AE
 Samples of the new 32-bit microcontroller Nuvoton - M4TKLE6AE are available to order. Core ARM Cortex-M4F DSP with hardware division unit.
 The clock speed is 72MHz, the amount of FLASH-memory is 128 KB, the RAM is 32 KB.
 More information can be found at:

 Officially distributed by Vis Plus, the products of SHENZHEN CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL (SJK) have been successfully used for many years in the development and production of various devices.
 The model range of quartz resonators from SHENZHEN CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL is very extensive and in more detail each model can be considered by referring to the catalog.
SJK Catalog.pdf

  23.01.18 - Notification device easyGSM v5.16 (Communicator)
 We are glad to introduce you the brand new notification device easyGSM v5.16 (Communicator). EasyGSM communicator is a universal device which is intended for protection of small/middle objects with transfer of the information to mobile phones of users via sound (call) and/or text (SMS).


  06.12.17 - Samples of new 32-bit microcontrollers of Nuvoton company
 The warehouse received samples of new 32-bit microcontrollers of Nuvoton company.
 High-performance microcontroller M0564VG4AE, pin-to-pin, for the replacement of the M051 series. Equipped with a port with the ability to supply external power supply buffers in the range from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.
 High-performance microcontroller NUC126LG4AE, has a USB interface that does not require the use of a quartz resonator. Equipped with a port with the ability to supply external power supply buffers in the range from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.

  04.12.17 - Modules WROOM-02 and WROOM-32 with the ability to connect an external antenna!
ESPRESSIF company has supplemented the commercially available WROOM-02 and WROOM-32 modules with versions with the possibility of connecting an external antenna. Modules within the series are pin-compatible.
 (on the picture modules with the antenna connector are shown in enlarged form)


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