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About us

  About us
    Our company has been working in the market of the Baltic States since 1999. 2013 was a turning point in the existence of the company, we signed a partnership with the Ukrainian company "Gamma" and are ready to offer you a full range of services in the field of electronic components.
We offer products from major manufacturers:

SIMCOM - GSM-GPRS/GPS modules, debug kits and components.
FUZETEC - Resettable Fuses (Polyswitch).
NENGSHI - gas and spark gaps - protection devices surge overvoltage and lightning.
RFID - Proximity-cards, Proximity-key fobs. Basic standards - En-Marine 125kHz and Mifare 13,56 MHz. RFID readers.
HONGFA - electromechanical and semiconducting relays.
APLUS - chip-recording audio playback.
RAYEX - electromechanical and semiconducting relays.
SJK - crystal oscillators, quartz resonators.
SMART DESIGN - GPS modules, Bluetooth, debug kits and components.
RAYSTAR - LCD Displays - character, graphic, COG, with a touch-panel.
XKTD - Li-ion Battery.
ASTRON - connectors, SIM holders, M2M.
FUAN ELECTRONIC - different inductance: inductors and transformers for the DC / DC and AC / DC converters, filters and transformers for XDSL modems, network access devices T10/T100, chipsets working with streams E1/T1-E3/T3.

The main directions in the work of the firm:
    • Sale of products provided from a warehouse in Tallinn
    • Deliveries under the order in a short time
    • Delivery of samples under development
    • Getting you a special price for your project in series production
    • Information support both beginners and professional developers.
    • Comprehensive support for your projects, from development to mass production.
    • Regular workshops with highly qualified professionals.

Certificates from producers:

KHD Fuzetec SJK Projye International

Wingsafe SimCom Invax XTD

  Shinhom Match Connector  


We look forward to becoming your partners!