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  20.03.20 - New NuMicro® MS51 Series Microcontrollers Based on 1T 8051 Core
 Nuvoton has released a new series of microcontrollers for industrial applications - NuMicro® MS51 based on the 1T 8051 core with a clock frequency of up to 24 MHz, up to 32 Kbyte Flash memory and up to 2 Kbyte SRAM. High accuracy of a 24 MHz clock is provided with an error of not more than ± 1% and an internal 10 kHz RC generator. Operating voltage range 2.4V ~ 5.5V, operating temperature range - 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃.
 NuMicro® MS51 microcontroller contains:
  up to 15 channels of a 12-bit ADC with a speed of up to 500 SPS
  up to 12 channels of PWM with independent counters
  I/O ports provide currents up to 20 mA Like all

 Nuvoton products, the microcontroller is resistant to electrostatic - ESD up to 8 kV and pulse interference EFT up to 4.4 kV.

  30.01.20 - Nuvoton Offers NUC131 Series Microcontrollers
 Ôčđěŕ Nuvoton offers NUC131 series microcontrollers that meet the requirements of AEC-Q100 and PPAP Report, for use in automobiles, in applications where CAN and LIN interfaces are required. They also plan to release the NUC131 series microcontrollers for industrial applications at a lower price in the second quarter of 2020.

  21.01.20 - Color TFT indicators with touch panel
 Do you want to use a color TFT indicator with a touch panel in your device?
 Management of such an indicator requires large resources of the microcontroller?
 You do not know how to work with modern RGB interfaces?

 Discard all prejudices - we offer for consideration a whole series of SMART-TFT.
 Simple control via a serial interface, ability to install an SD card, a bonus in the form of RTC and buzzer, various screen sizes.
 All this makes SMART-TFT indispensable in various information systems, control panels requiring remote removal from the main device, in security and telemetry applications, and so on.

  15.01.20 - Into New Year with new interface!
Nuvoton has updated the interface of its web page:

Fuzetec added to its page a product search by parameters: (self-healing current fuses)

  28.11.19 - 2-line LCD indicator with backlight BCB1602-03B-LY-SPTWU-1.0 (3.3V)
 We bring to your attention a 2-line LCD indicator with backlight BCB1602-03B-LY-SPTWU-1.0(3.3V). Manufacturer: BLAZE.
 The power supply for the indicator and backlight is 3.3 Volts.
 The format of the indicator is 2 lines of 16 characters each, contains a Cyrillic character generator


  11.10.19 - ESP32-Azure IoT Kit Debug Card for Cloud Services

 Cloud platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as Microsoft's Azure cloud, Google Cloud IoT, and Amazon's AWS IoT, are being actively developed.
 Espressif does not stand aside and provides software support for the ESP32 chip for working with these services, and for convenience at the hardware level, the ESP32-Azure IoT Kit debugging board is released.
 The heart of the board is the ESP32-WROVER module. For indication, the board has a modern OLED display on a 0.96-inch SSD1306 controller.

  07.11.19 - New firmware for SIM800x family of modules supporting MQTT protocol
SIMCOM, taking into account the increased need for M2M devices and the wishes of customers, has released a new firmware for the SIM800x family of modules supporting the MQTT protocol.
 The first update received SIM800C24, as the most popular and sought after.
 Other modules from the SIM800x family will receive updates according to SIMCOM plans.


  18.10.19 - Radio channel + Cortex M0 on one chip

 The long-awaited new product from Hoperf is the CMT2380F32 ( is now available to order.
 Inside the CMT2380F32 is a 32-bit ARM® Cortex ™ -M0 microcontroller and a 127-1020 MHz transceiver.

  26.09.19 - Launch of a new series of controllers - M261 / M262 / M263 by Nuvoton Technology Corporation
 Nuvoton Technology Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of microcontrollers with ARM architecture, is launching the release of a new series of controllers - M261 / M262 / M263.
 Based on the Armv8-M architecture, the Arm® Cortex®-M23 Trust Zone core, this series has reduced power consumption and is designed for IoT applications.

 • Power consumption during normal operation is up to 45 μA / MHz
 • Implemented the function of safe boot from the protected zone FLASH
 • Hardware cryptographic acceleration to ensure the security of the IoT device.
 • In addition to the usual set of interfaces, there are also SDHC 2.0, USB 2.0 FS OTG, CAN 2.0B.
 • 3.76 MSPS ADCs for reading data from touch devices or measuring sensors.

 Detailed characteristics of all microcontrollers in the series can be found on the manufacturer’s website

  20.09.19 - Chip Production ESP8285 Series
 Espressif launches a new factory for the production of ESP8285 series chips, namely ESP8285N08, ESP8285H08 and ESP8285H16. The ESP8285 chip is fully compatible with the ESP8266 in software and pin layout, but additionally has a built-in flash memory with 1MB or 2MB size esp8285.pdf.

  22.08.19 - LoRaWAN at 433 MHz and 868 MHz
 Currently loRa networks are widely developed. Thanks to LoRa technology, private interference-protected networks can be built with a long range at ultra-low power consumption. This technology has already found its application in remote monitoring devices, data collection from stand-alone sensors, and thanks to its good penetrating ability, LoRa technology can be used indoors without additional repeaters.
 Hoperf expands its line of LoRa modules.
 Samples of LoRaWAN RFM6501W modules at 433 MHz and 868 MHz are available to order.

  07.08.19 - Modern 5G/LTE/WCDMA SIM8200EA-M2 module
SIMCOM company continues to delight us with modern innovations.
 The start of production of the modern 5G / LTE / WCDMA module has been announced SIM8200EA-M2



  29.07.19 - Updated Fuzetec Resettable Fuse Catalog
 Dear customers, the updated catalog of Fuzetec resettable fuses is already on the manufacturer’s website.
 You can download the updated catalog from the link:


  23.05.19 - ESPRESSIF company announced the release of a new 32-bit microcontroller with WiFi - ESP32-S2
 The ESPRESSIF company announced the release of a new 32-bit microcontroller with WiFi - ESP32-S2. operates at a frequency of up to 240 MHz, has 320 kB SRAM inside, 128 kB ROM, 16 KB RTC, and allows you to connect external SPIRAM 128 MB and 1 GB Flash.
 Support for USB OTG, LCD RGB / 8080/6800, 8/16/24-bit parallel interface has been added to the standard ESP-32 interface set.

  21.05.19 - Nuvoton ML51 Series Based on 1T 8051 Core
 If you need a battery-powered product at the lowest price, we offer samples of microcontrollers for ordering.
 The current consumption in sleep mode is less than 1 µA, the power consumption in the operating mode is 80 µA / MHz. Clock frequency up to 24 MHz. The supply voltage range is from 1.8 - 5.5 V. The operating temperature range is from -40 ° C to + 105 ° C.
 For easy and quick start of your development, we suggest to consider a debugging board with NuMaker-ML51PC programmer for order

  10.05.19 - Determination of coordinates by GPS navigation systems
We would like to inform you about possibility of failures in determining the coordinates of the GPS navigation systems

 On the night of April 6-7, 2019, the week counters were reset on GPS navigation satellites.
 This is due to the 10-bit representation of the week counter. After 1024 weeks, the counter is reset to zero.
 Theoretically, GPS receivers around the world should complete this transition without crashing.
 However, there are a lot of GPS receivers that contain outdated firmware.
 Such receivers might "go crazy" and will not be able to determine the current coordinates, especially if used in conjunction with GLONASS.

  06.05.19 - LoRaWAN RFM6501W module from HOPERF
 HOPERF continues to delight us with brand new modules. LoRaWAN RFM6501W module. Documentation for the module at the link The module has a compact size of 16 x 16 mm.

  09.04.19 - Bluetooth 5.0 in the HOPERF HM-BT4501 module
 Brande new module from the company HOPERF Bluetooth 5.0 module HM-BT4501. Documentation for the module under the link: HM-BT4501.pdf. The module has a compact size of 12.5 x 17 mm, has a built-in DC-DC converter that allows you to work in the range of 1.8-3.6 V supply voltage. Made on the BT4501 chip, which has a simple circuit for switching on and a minimum of external RF components — only the connection of an external antenna.

  03.04.19 - PMOLED indicators
 We offer PMOLED indicators for your electronic products.

PMOLED character indicator

Graphic PMOLED Indicator, 2.42"

  05.03.19 - PMOLED indicators
 If your devises are designed to work in harsh environments, we encourage you to pay attention to the PMOLED indicators from the manufacturer Pi-Tek.

 The PHC series PMOLED indicators completely replace the standard LCM indicators, without the need to make any changes to the software of the equipment

  19.02.19 - New Product Catalog Nuvoton MCU Product Selection Guide

 Samples of Nuvoton microcontrollers are expected in the second quarter of 2019.

  01.02.19 - LiSo2 ER34615 batteries (19000 mA/h)
 Often, different battery-powered devices require batteries with an initial impulse current that exceeds the rated discharge of the battery.
 For example: various devices with GSM modules where the starting current can reach 2 amperes, and after that the device consumes 50 - 100 milliamperes.
 We propose to consider the use of assemblies consisting of ER34615 LiSo2 safe batteries (19000 mAh) and SPC1520 and SPC1550 supercapacitors. Supercapacitors provide the desired starting current, and the battery provides a long lifespan.

  15.01.19 - Nuvoton Embedded World 2019
 The company NUVOTON, one of the leaders in the production of ARM microcontrollers, invites you to get acquainted with the latest products at the exhibition Embedded World 2019.

 The exhibition will be held in Germany, Nuremberg from February 26 to 28.

 At the Nuvoton booth @ 4A-527 booth, 9 demo stands will be presented with the main fields in Industrial IoT Security Solution.

  14.01.19 - Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition
 Software maker ARM KEIL ( offers a free, full-featured version of "Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition" for Cortex-M0 / M23 families for popularizing Nuvoton microcontrollers.
 To obtain a free version of the software, you must follow the link:
 Complete the registration procedure and receive an activation code to your Email.

  11.01.19 - Brand New Nuvoton Microcontrollers, NuMicro® M2351 Series
 We would like to offer new Nuvoton controllers, NuMicro® M2351 series, based on the Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with the TrustZone® for Armv8-M architecture. This microcontroller brings traditional firmware protection to a new level of reliable software protection. You can create products capable of performing a secure connection and data exchange while maintaining low power consumption.

  20.12.18 - Espressif Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Module ESP32-PICO-D4
 Brand new from the company Espressif - ultra-compact Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module ESP32-PICO-D4 with a size of 7x7 mm entered the warehouse in the form of samples. It has a built-in flash memory of 4 MB, from external components it is necessary to connect only an external antenna and capacitors in the power supply circuits.

  13.09.18 - New products from ESPRESSIF
 The well-known manufacturer ESPRESSIF continues to please us with new products. We would like to present for your attention ESP32-PICO-D4, ESP32-WROVER, ESP32-SOLO-1, as well as debugging boards ESP32-DevKitC, ESP32-PICO-KIT, ESP-WROVER-KIT, ESP32-LyraT.

  13.08.18 - Brand-new Nuvoton microcontroller – N76E616AL48
 If your product requires more ports than the N76E003AT20 microcontroller or if you want to use a segment LCD display, the ideal solution is the new Nuvoton microcontroller - N76E616AL48

 Low price
 Ultra-low power consumption
 A wide range of applications from home appliances to industrial equipment.

  26.07.18 - Antenna LOT-AOF868-001
 Frequency 868 MHz (ISM range) is increasingly used to build communication systems FSK or LoRA standards.
 This is due to its license-free operation provided that the power is not exceeded in 13dBm or 25 milliwatts.
 However, for stable operation at large distances, good antennas are required.
 And our company offers you to consider the application of the antenna - LOT-AOF868-001

  19.07.18 - Samples of modules WROOM-02U and WROOM-32U
 Our warehouse received samples of WROOM-02U and WROOM-32U modules with the ability to connect an external antenna. Modules within the series are pin compatible and can be used wherever work with the built-in antenna shows unstable results.
 We inform you that for the time being, the company Expressif has a wide range of devices and chipsets with built-in microcontroller and WiFi as well as debugging cards for them.

  16.07.18 - Segment LCD displays BDT-M0640, BDT-M0653, BDT-M0684
 We would like to offer you new segment LCD displays:

BDT-M0640, BDT-M0653, BDT-M0684

 These displays are ideally suited for use in power meters, measuring instruments, data collection devices, etc.


  08.06.18 - Company VIS PLUS is the official distributor of Ariose Electronics from now

Ariose Electronics Co., Ltd is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of electronic acoustic products, providing buzzer, speaker, microphone, piezoelectric ceramic elements and so on.
 From now, we are the official distributor of Ariose Electronics and are pleased to present you the full range of products.

  06.06.18 - Transformers TRA6127ANL
 Flyback transformers TRA6127ANL are ready for the order

 Main purpose: DC / DC converters for POE or telecommunications.
 Input voltage: 36-72 volts, operating frequency 250 kHz
 Power 30 watts: (5 volts 6 amps)
 Design: SMT, dimensions 30 x 21 x 11.5 mm
 Recommended chip: TPS23754 or similar to it.

  10.05.18 - LCD indicator BSG3701-01
 We would like to offer you character LCD display with ultra-low power consumption BSG3701-01


  10.04.18 - Graphic indicator with built-in backlight BGG128128-05A
 We want to offer you an affordable graphic indicator with built-in illumination BGG128128-05A.


  04.04.18 - LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0
 Now it is possible to order LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0, a full analog of the indicator RC2004C-YHY-CSX, with increased brightness of the backlight.


  26.02.18 - Nuvoton Product Catalog
 Nuvoton Technology Corporation, updated its product catalog for 2018

 The catalog can be downloaded from the link:

  07.02.18 - Graphic indicator RDT06569-IE
 We would like offer you an inexpensive graphic indicator with built-in illumination RDT06569-IE.


  06.02.18 - Samples of the new microcontroller Nuvoton - M4TKLE6AE
 Samples of the new 32-bit microcontroller Nuvoton - M4TKLE6AE are available to order. Core ARM® Cortex®-M4F DSP with hardware division unit.
 The clock speed is 72MHz, the amount of FLASH-memory is 128 KB, the RAM is 32 KB.
 More information can be found at:

 Officially distributed by Vis Plus, the products of SHENZHEN CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL (SJK) have been successfully used for many years in the development and production of various devices.
 The model range of quartz resonators from SHENZHEN CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL is very extensive and in more detail each model can be considered by referring to the catalog.
SJK Catalog.pdf

  23.01.18 - Notification device easyGSM v5.16 (Communicator)
 We are glad to introduce you the brand new notification device easyGSM v5.16 (Communicator). EasyGSM communicator is a universal device which is intended for protection of small/middle objects with transfer of the information to mobile phones of users via sound (call) and/or text (SMS).


  06.12.17 - Samples of new 32-bit microcontrollers of Nuvoton company
 The warehouse received samples of new 32-bit microcontrollers of Nuvoton company.
 High-performance microcontroller M0564VG4AE, pin-to-pin, for the replacement of the M051 series. Equipped with a port with the ability to supply external power supply buffers in the range from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.
 High-performance microcontroller NUC126LG4AE, has a USB interface that does not require the use of a quartz resonator. Equipped with a port with the ability to supply external power supply buffers in the range from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.

  04.12.17 - Modules WROOM-02 and WROOM-32 with the ability to connect an external antenna!
ESPRESSIF company has supplemented the commercially available WROOM-02 and WROOM-32 modules with versions with the possibility of connecting an external antenna. Modules within the series are pin-compatible.
 (on the picture modules with the antenna connector are shown in enlarged form)


  27.11.17 - WiFi / BT / MCU modules ESP32
 Our warehouse received WiFi / BT / MCU ESP32 (ESP-WROOM-32) modules from Espressif and debugging cards to them (ESP32-DevKitC).
 Extensive peripherals (GPIO, UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, LED PWM, Motor PWM, I2S, IR, Touch Sensor, ADC, DAC, SD card) and built-in stacks (IPv4, IPv6, SSL, TCP / UDP / HTTP / FTP / MQTT) will help you develop an IoT device in a short time, and a low price will allow you to compete successfully in the market!

  09.11.17 - Remote 2G / 3G antenna JCG101-10m
 Once again on our warehouse there are remote outdoor 2G/3G antennas with increased gain.

 The JCG101-10m antennas will become indispensable helpers when operating your cellular devices in conditions of poor reception or at the edge of the operator's coverage area.

  31.10.17 - Samples of lithium-thionylchloride batteries are available for the order
 Good power suppliers are a guarantee of reliable and long operation of your devices.
 Therefore, we inform you that samples of lithium-thionyl chloride batteries of various capacities are available for the order.

  24.10.17 - Logic Analyzer Nuvoton - NU-BRIDGE
 The Nuvoton Technology Nu-Brige logic analyzer can be used as two additional COM ports.
 Logic analyzer NU-BRIDGE is available for the order
 Communication with the computer is via USB interface


  11.10.17 - Evaluation/development kit NT-N76E003
 We would like to offer you an evaluation/development kit NT-N76E003
 The debug card for the N76E003 microcontroller allows you to shorten the development time and make it easier to write the program before the prototype of the device being developed. The NuTiny-N76E003 board connects to the user's computer via a USB port.


  06.10.17 - Exhibition
 Company Nuvoton at Embedded World 2017 in Germany has announced the new M480 series microcontroller with ARM Cortex-M4F core, operating clock speed up to 200 MHz and consumption of 175 μA / MHz. The microcontroller supports USB 2.0 interfaces HS / FS OTG and 10 / 100M Ethernet MAC with RMII.

  27.09.17 - Samples of powerful polarized relays HFE19-90 / 12DT12
 There are samples of powerful polarized relays HFE19-90/12DT12 on our warehouse, capable of commuting amperage up to 90 amperes.
 The relay will be interesting for use in various emergency shutdown devices, network voltage monitoring, power metering devices and remote control.

  21.09.17 - Samples of new 32-bit microcontrollers of Nuvoton company
 The warehouse received samples of new 32-bit microcontrollers of Nuvoton company.
 High-performance microcontroller M0564VG4AE, pin-to-pin, for the replacement of the M051 series. Equipped with a port with the ability to supply external power supply buffers in the range from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.
 High-performance microcontroller NUC126LG4AE, has a USB interface that does not require the use of a quartz resonator. Equipped with a port with the ability to supply external power supply buffers in the range from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.

  20.09.17 - Color graphic TFT indicator RFC570B-EIW-DAS
 Our warehouse received a color graphical TFT indicator from Raystar RFC570B-EIW-DAS, for the replacement of previously manufactured RFC57A1-FIW-D-000.


  18.09.17 - Remote 2G / 3G antenna JCG101-10m
 Once again on our warehouse there are remote outdoor 2G/3G antennas with increased gain.

 The JCG101-10m antennas will become indispensable helpers when operating your cellular devices in conditions of poor reception or at the edge of the operator's coverage area.

  06.09.17 - Active GPS antenna JCA044B
 We are glad to present to your attention a compact omnidirectional active Helix GPS antenna JCA044B.

 The efficiency of the GPS antenna is the basis for the quality of the track's rendering. Because of the need to use carefully selected polygons, many developers refuse the patch-antennas in favor of bulky and expensive external devices.

  21.07.17 - Price reduction of the relay series HF43 and HF46
 We would like to inform you about the price reduction for the entire range of small-sized relays series HF43 and HF46


  19.07.17 - Wi-Fi modules ESP-WROOM-02
 The warehouse received Wi-Fi modules from Espressif Systems ESP-WROOM-02

 The technical documentation is located at:

  17.07.17 - Graphic TFT Indicators
 We have received samples of new graphic TFT indicators on our Warehouse
 Color graphic 7 "TFT indicator 800xRGBx480, with capacitive touch pad, without controller, with RGB interface, dimensions 164.9 x 100.0 x 5.22 mm, visible area 154.08 x 85.90 mm, backlight is LED White
 Color graphic 7 "TFT indicator 1024őRGBő600, with capacitive touchpad, without controller, with RGB interface, overall dimensions 164.90 x 100.00 x 4.45 mm, visible area 154.214 x 85.92 mm, backlight is LED White

  29.06.17 - RF products from HopeRF company
 We would like to inform you that now we are ready to offer you the new RF products of HopeRF company.
 High-performance OOK, FSK, MSK, GFSK and GMSK transceiver for wireless applications operating in the frequency range from 213 to 960 MHz - CMT2300AW. Also we would like to offer you complete RFM300 modules based on the CMT2300AW chip.

  27.06.17 - The SIMCOM SIM868E module!
 Company SIMCOM Wireless Solutions is announced release of upgraded GSM / GPRS + GNSS + BT module SIM868.

 New P/N is SIM868E. The main difference is supporting Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.

  21.06.17 - LoRaWAN networks
 It is impossible to build a LoRaWAN network without a central hub-gateway that communicates with a number of client devices.
 Please pay your attention the most budgetary version: module of LoRaWAN hub RHF0M301 from RisingHF, based on the SX1301 and providing multichannel processing of incoming packages. Module is an analogue of the well-known IC880A and is controlled by any one-board SPM computer.

  12.06.17 - Samples of plastic cases
 We inform you that we are expanding the range of supplied cases.
 Now we offer samples of plastic cases: HF-L-44, HF-L-56, HF-L-57.
 If you have any questions please contact our managers.

  24.05.17 - Microcontroller N79E844AWG from Nuvoton
 Company Vis Plus offers miniature microcontrollers N79E844AWG from Nuvoton at a miniature price in a miniature case TSSOP-20.

 High noise immunity, protection against electrostatic voltages and impulse discharges (8KV ESD, 4KV EFT).

 A detailed description of the microcontroller is located at:

  22.05.17 - SIMCOM informs that the process of merger with UBLOX is terminated!
    The manufacturer of cellular modules and our partner company SIMCOM informs that the process of merger with UBLOX is terminated.
    Each company remains on the market as an independent unit and will conduct an independent production and supply policy.

    SIMCOM assures all its partners that all its obligations on terms, deliveries and pricing will be fully implemented.

  11.05.17 - WiFi+Bluetooth module ESP-WROOM32
    The best modern WiFi+Bluetooth module ESP-WROOM32 in out stock now!
    It's not only communication device but microcontroller / DSP with powerfull core and advanced peripherals avaliable for developers: WiFi IEEE802.00b/g/n, Client/AP,P2P, WEP/WPA2, TCP/IP, Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR+BLE, OCPU Xtensa Dual-Core LX6 240MHz, 520K SRAM, 448K ROM, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO.

  24.01.17 - The merger SIMCom Company and U-Blox
    On the eve of Chinese New Year, we received the good news from our partners!
    SIMCom company is getting closer to us, as it becomes a European company!
    Today started the merger SIMCom Company and U-Blox.
    We would like to assure you that the merger SIMCom with U-Blox happens smoothly for our customers.
    Additional, you can read official letter from SIMCom (available here).

  08.09.16 - Samples of SIM5300E/SIM5300EA
    We are glad to inform you, that’s we received samples of SIM5300E/SIM5300EA – modules and dev. kits.SIM5300xx it’s a cost-effective 3G modules with pin-to-pin compatibility to SIM900/SIM900R/SIM800/SIM800F.

  22.08.16 - SIMCom became a Vodafone’s official partner
    We are glad to inform you, that today SIMCom became a Vodafone’s official partner.
    As an official SIMCom distributor we are grateful to Vodafone for this expression of confidence

  21.07.16 - Nuvoton Direct
    The grand opening - Nuvoton Direct

    Dear clients! Now you have the opportunity to purchase samples of Nuvoton products, as well as debugging tools directly from the manufacturer.

  21.07.16 - The cylindrical battery cell size 18650
    ŔBatteries of 18650 type by the most interesting price in our stock.

    - A cylindrical battery cell, without protection board - 3.7V 2500mA / h, 1C, D = 18.3 L = 67.5mm

  12.07.16 - The company SIMCOM has successfully passed ISO TS 16949 certification
    We inform you that SIMCOM company successfully passed the certification and received the ISO TS16949 certification, which is a unique quality management system, elaborated and formulated by members of the IATF (International Automotive Task Force)

  06.07.16 - Additional components to modules SIM800x
    When moving to a new series of SIMCOM modules - SIM800x, keep in mind that except the modules, we also offer a variety of additional components for them:

    Antennas, adapters and connectors
    Holders for the SIM and microSD cards, USB connectors
    Microchips for stabilizers, batteries, chargers and chips
    Microchips for switching SIM cards and much more ...

  03.06.16 - NU-BRIDGE debugging tool company Nuvoton
    We would like to introduce you a multifunctional company Nuvoton debugging tool - NU-BRIDGE

    The functionality of the set:
    • Analysis of the I²C and SPI buses (supports Master and Slave modes);
    • Generation / receiving UART interface signals;
    • Generate / receive PWM signals;
    • Available function ADC.

    Communication with the computer through the USB interface


  23.06.16 - The programmer records sound playback chip Nuvoton - NU-ISDMINUSB
    We would like to offer Nuvoton programmer NU-ISDMINUSB for playback sound recording chips of the following series: ISD2100, ISD15100, ISD15C00, ISD15D00, ISD3800, ISD3900.


  14.06.16 - AA880 Antenna for GSM / 3G devices
    Usually when selecting an antenna for GSM/3G devices, solution that will combine the small size, high gain and reasonable price is required. We offer you multidiapazonnuyu ceramic antenna for mounting on a printed circuit board - AA880


  09.06.16 - The microcontroller NUC505YO13Y company NUVOTON
    We would like to offer you NUVOTON microcontrollers with audio interface and NUC505YO13Y NUC505DSA, which we have in-stock on warehouse, as well as a debug set NuTiny-SDK-NUC505 with programmer and audio peripherals.

  07.06.16 - Graphic display with backlight RDT06569-IE
    We would like to offer you not expensive graphical display with backlight: RDT06569-IE


  06.06.16 - Phasing out GSM/GPRS-modules of SIM900x series
    We inform you that current year will be the last year of manufacturing SIM900x modules of SIMCom.
    We strongly recommend you to see about a transition to SIM800x new series.
    Please note that VIS PLUS takes the orders for SIM900ő only till 31th of October 2016.

  31.05.16 - New samples of GPS-004 antennas
    We are glad to offer you new samples of GPS patch antennas GPS-004.
    This antenna is the optimal solution for using with popular SIMCom GPS-modules SIM28ML. The main advantages of the antenna are small size and high rate of gain. Maximum sensitivity of GPS-004 patch antenna is obtained by mounting on 70x70mm ground plane.


  20.05.16 - Samples of 220VAC/5VDC adapters and cables USB-A-USB-B
    We are glad to offer you new samples of 220VAC/5VDC adapters and cables USB-A to mini-USB-B.

  07.04.16 - Reduction in the price for SIM7100E modules
    We are glad to inform you about reducing the price for SIMCom LTE modules SIM7100E.
    SIM7100E is a reliable wireless module which is based on Qualcomm multiplemode LTE platform. SIM7100E is a complete multi-band TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/WCDMA/GSM/GNSS SMT type module designed with powerful processors allowing customer to benefit from small dimensions and cost-effective product solutions.

  10.03.16 - ADA-0068-SMA-2,5m antennas
    We are glad to offer you GSM 900/1800 dual band antennas ADA-0068-SMA-2,5m. The main advantages of these antennas are operating in broad band and reasonable price.

  12.02.16 - Fuzetec FSMD PTC Resettable Fuses
    We are glad to inform you that we extend line of supplied Fuzetec resettable fuses by FSMD 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2920 series.

  27.01.16 - Phasing out SIM900R GSM/GPRS modules
    We remind you that SIM900R module is going to be phased out soon. The alternative product is new generation SIM800F module, End of Life of which assigned on the end of 2019.

    Official document with SIM900 End of Life (Eol) notification

  26.01.16 - SIM800C
    We are glad to inform you about new incoming delivery of SIM800C quad-band GSM/GPRS modules.
    The main advantages of these modules are small dimensions (17.8ő15.8ő2.4mm), LCC- contacts, Bluetooth 3.0, low energy consumption.

    SIM800C Hardware Design SIM800C

  21.12.15 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Dear clients and partners!

    We would like to congratulate you on wonderful Christmas and New Year Holidays and wish you greater opportunities, wise financial decisions and abundant success.
    Let your dreams come true, making your soul be full of love and optimism in New Year.

    Best regards, VIS PLUS Company.

  16.12.15 - Miniature chip antennas Unictron
    We are glad to inform you about availability of ceramic chip antennas samples in stock of Vis Plus.

    Excellent ratio of dimensions, gain and cost make these antennas the best solution for designing portable devices.

  19.11.15 - Meetings and seminars with VIS PLUS clients and potential customers
    The new 2016 year is coming soon. As usual, our company organizes meetings and mini-seminars with customers. We present new products and discuss all the most important questions .
    Also it helps us to understand your requirements for the new year and be in a contact with you more closely.

    We would like to make an appointment and visit your company since 1st to 10th of December. Please, let us know which date is suitable for you.

  02.11.15 - SIM800F

    We are glad to inform you about incoming delivery of latest samples of SIM800F GSM/GPRS-modules.
    This module is Pin-to-Pin compatible with popular SIM900 / SIM900R models.
    SIM800F is also compatible with the 900-series in basic AT commands, supports Bluetooth 3.0.

  22.10.15 - Em Marine contactless proximity cards
    We are glad to inform you that Vis Plus offers Em Marine contactless proximity cards.

    These RFID-tags operate at frequency of 125 kHz and have a unique 40-bit number. Em Marine cards belong to passive RFID-tags because they don`t have own power source.


    Proximity cards are used in access control systems, staff work time logging, different identification systems.

  29.09.15 - NUC442/472 series 32-bit microcontroller (MCU)

    We are glad to offer for you NUC442/472 series 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) with the ARM® Cortex™-M4. These microcontrollers operating at 2.5V ~ 5.5V and -40°C ~ 105°C. The distinctive characteristics of microcontrollers based on the core ARM® Cortex ™-M4 are high performance and a wide range of peripheral ports.

  27.08.15 - Holders microSIM cards
    Good news for those who use SIM800H and SIM800C modules.
    We propose holders for microSim cards for decreasing dimensions of your products.


  17.05.15 - Extended range of large quantities of quartz resonators and oscillators!
We would like to remind you that our warehouse is constantly expanding the range of products and at the moment there are a large number of quality quartz resonators and oscillators!
All supplied resonators and oscillators are designed for a temperature range from – 40 C* to + 85 C*.