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  Electronica 2018
  We are glad to announce, that our partner-company Nostris OU participates in the exhibition "Electronica 2018", which will be held in Munich from November 13th to 16th

  Booth: #114, Hall C3
  Time: 13.11.2018 (Tue.) Ц 16.11.2018 (Fri.)

    Vis Plus company announces the vacancy of the FAE - Field Application Engineer

        - English - upper intermediate or higher
        - Fluency in Estonian and Russian
        - Accommodation in the city of Tallinn
        - Knowledge of electronics at the developer level.
        - Knowledge of programming languages ??for microcontrollers is appreciated
        - Ability to justify the choice and to offer a replacement of another manufacturer, to offer an appropriate technical solution.
        - Good social skills, ability and desire to work in a team.
        - Readiness for short-term local and foreign business trips.
        - Experience in technical support of users is desirable.

    Details are provided during the interview.
    Send your CV to the address -

  13.09.18 - New products from ESPRESSIF
 The well-known manufacturer ESPRESSIF continues to please us with new products. We would like to present for your attention ESP32-PICO-D4, ESP32-WROVER, ESP32-SOLO-1, as well as debugging boards ESP32-DevKitC, ESP32-PICO-KIT, ESP-WROVER-KIT, ESP32-LyraT.

  13.08.18 - Brand-new Nuvoton microcontroller Ц N76E616AL48
 If your product requires more ports than the N76E003AT20 microcontroller or if you want to use a segment LCD display, the ideal solution is the new Nuvoton microcontroller - N76E616AL48

 Low price
 Ultra-low power consumption
 A wide range of applications from home appliances to industrial equipment.

  26.07.18 - Antenna LOT-AOF868-001
 Frequency 868 MHz (ISM range) is increasingly used to build communication systems FSK or LoRA standards.
 This is due to its license-free operation provided that the power is not exceeded in 13dBm or 25 milliwatts.
 However, for stable operation at large distances, good antennas are required.
 And our company offers you to consider the application of the antenna - LOT-AOF868-001

  19.07.18 - Samples of modules WROOM-02U and WROOM-32U
 Our warehouse received samples of WROOM-02U and WROOM-32U modules with the ability to connect an external antenna. Modules within the series are pin compatible and can be used wherever work with the built-in antenna shows unstable results.
 We inform you that for the time being, the company Expressif has a wide range of devices and chipsets with built-in microcontroller and WiFi as well as debugging cards for them.

  16.07.18 - Segment LCD displays BDT-M0640, BDT-M0653, BDT-M0684
 We would like to offer you new segment LCD displays:

BDT-M0640, BDT-M0653, BDT-M0684

 These displays are ideally suited for use in power meters, measuring instruments, data collection devices, etc.


  08.06.18 - Company VIS PLUS is the official distributor of Ariose Electronics from now

Ariose Electronics Co., Ltd is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of electronic acoustic products, providing buzzer, speaker, microphone, piezoelectric ceramic elements and so on.
 From now, we are the official distributor of Ariose Electronics and are pleased to present you the full range of products.

  06.06.18 - Transformers TRA6127ANL
 Flyback transformers TRA6127ANL are ready for the order

 Main purpose: DC / DC converters for POE or telecommunications.
 Input voltage: 36-72 volts, operating frequency 250 kHz
 Power 30 watts: (5 volts 6 amps)
 Design: SMT, dimensions 30 x 21 x 11.5 mm
 Recommended chip: TPS23754 or similar to it.

  10.05.18 - LCD indicator BSG3701-01
 We would like to offer you character LCD display with ultra-low power consumption BSG3701-01


  10.04.18 - Graphic indicator with built-in backlight BGG128128-05A
 We want to offer you an affordable graphic indicator with built-in illumination BGG128128-05A.


  04.04.18 - LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0
 Now it is possible to order LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0, a full analog of the indicator RC2004C-YHY-CSX, with increased brightness of the backlight.


  26.02.18 - Nuvoton Product Catalog
 Nuvoton Technology Corporation, updated its product catalog for 2018

 The catalog can be downloaded from the link:

  07.02.18 - Graphic indicator RDT06569-IE
 We would like offer you an inexpensive graphic indicator with built-in illumination RDT06569-IE.


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